1.    Work
I will always carry out restoration work agreed, either written or verbally, to the best
of my abilities at all times.  I will provide the best quality work to my ability, but, I
shall in no circumstances be liable to the Client for any loss, damage or
destruction of the object, however caused.

2.   Estimate
Please note that estimates are not quotations.  Due to the complex nature of the
work involved, additional problems may be discovered once work has begun.
If there is a cost increase of more that 10% of the original estimate, I will notify the
Client and await further instructions before proceeding any further.  The client will
be entitled to withdraw the object upon payment for the work already done.  For
the same reason, any time estimates or guidelines can only be given as an
indication.  I cannot guarantee completion by a given date.

3.   Payment
Payment can be made by check, cash or by paypal through Antique Restoration
Studio's website, www.antiquerestorationstudio.com  Payment is due upon
completion of the restoration unless otherwise agreed in advance. A 50% deposit
is required in advance of any work being performed, with the remaining balance
paid prior to the item being returned to the client.  Estimates are free of charge,
but the Client will be responsible for any carriage, postal and packing fees
incurred to get the object to and from my premises.  I reserve the right to retain all
objects deposited until all outstanding sums have been paid.  If any charges
remain unpaid for a period of 30 days from issue of the invoice I reserve the right
(after giving 14 days notice to the client) to sell the relevant object to recover any
4.   Insurance
Because many works of art are unstable and/or unsound the object remains at
the entire risk of the Client at all times.  It is the Clients responsibility to insure the
object for what the Client feels appropriate, and no insurance shall be taken out
by the Restorer.  If any damage occurs to the item either before or after
restoration, the restorer will not be liable so insurance is advised as any further
work will be charged for.

5.   Delivery and Shipping
Any items send via parcel should be sent packaged in a safe manner, and will be
returned in a safe manner (not necessarily in the same packing).  Any restored
items send parcel or delivered personally must be inspected immediately upon
receipt.  I will not be liable for any faults or adjustments required if not reported
within 24 hours of receipt of the item and will not be liable for any damage caused
in shipping.

6.  Ongoing Care by the Client
The client is advised to follow any guidelines I may issue for the care and
treatment of an object after I have worked on it.  If these guidelines are not
followed, the appearance of the object may deteriorate.  Any restored object is not
meant to be used with food.  The adhesives and pigments used may be toxic and
could contaminate any food put on them.